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Cables & Connections

Connecting C-more Micro-Graphic Panels

There are several ways to connect C-more Micro-Graphic Panels to PLC's, depending on the cabling distance from PLC to panel.
  • Ready-made serial RS232 cables (3m max.) - for direct power and communications link between the RJ12 connection on each Micro-Graphic panel and the RJ12 port 1 on most DirectLogic PLC's, or the HD15 Port 2 using the FA-15HD Adapter.
  • Ready-made serial RS232 cables (3m max.) - for direct communications link between other brand PLC's and the Micro-Graphic panel fitted with the EA-MG-SPI Serial Port Interface, with 12-24vDC panel power separately supplied.
  • Site-installed serial RS422 / 485 cable (1500m max.) - to suit connected devices, using the EA-MG-SPI Serial Port Interface on the Micro-Graphic Panel.
        RS422 (4-wire 10 point multidrop) - high noise immunity fast serial network.
        RS485 (2-wire 32 point multidrop) - serial polling network.
        RS485 (4-wire 32 point multidrop) - option to support specific devices.
  • Download chapter 6 from Micro-Graphic panel manual, covering Communications, Cables & Wiring

DirectLogic PLCsDirectLogic PLCs
The full family of DirectLogic PLC's - using K-Sequence, DirectNet and Modbus protocols.
Data Communications modules (DCM) - using Modbus RTU serial protocol.

Allen-Bradley PLCsAllen-Bradley PLCs
SLC500 (5/01, 5/02, 5/03, 5/04, 5/05) - DF1 full/half duplex
MicroLogix 1000, 1100, 1200 & 1500 - DF1 full/half duplex
ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix - DF1 full/half duplex
PLC5 - DF1 full duplex.

Mitsubishi PLCsMitsubishi PLCs
25-pin D ports:
FX, FX2 and FX2C series
8-pin mini-DIN ports:
FX0, FX0n, FX0s, FX1s, FX1n series

Omrom PLCsOmrom PLCs
25-pin D ports - Host Link protocol:
C200 Adapter, C500, CQM1 using CQM1-CIF02 Peripheral Port connecting cable.
9-pin D ports - FINS Protocol:
CQM1, CPM1, CPM2, C200, CJ1 and CS1.

Modbus RTU and ModiconModbus RTU and Modicon
Modicon Modbus 984 CPU.
Quantum 113 CPU.
AEG Modicon Micro series 110 CPU 311, 411, 512, 612.
Modicon Modbus with RJ45 connector.

GE Fanuc PLCsGE Fanuc PLCs
SNPX protocol:
90/30, 90/70, VersaMax, VersaMax Micro and Micro 90