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Cables & Accessories


Photoelectric Sensor Accessories:Photoelectric Sensor Accessories:
RL1 series - Reflectors for Polarized Retroreflective Photoelectric Sensors (all models)
RL2 series - Reflectors for Retro-reflective Laser Photoelectric Sensors (FALN series)

Quick-Connect CablesQuick-Connect Cables
A variety of cables are available for proximity sensors:
  • Pico (M8) Quick-disconnect to flying leads
  • Micro (M12) Quick-disconnect to flying leads
  • Extension cables with quick-disconnect plugs on each end (M8 or M12 screw-lock connectors)

Mounting Brackets & ShuttersMounting Brackets & Shutters
A variety of Adapters and Mounting Brackets are available for mounting sensors.
Plus shutters for M18 (Ø18 mm) through-beam sensors (SSE / SSR Series)
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