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To all our valued customers - Please note that due to Thanksgiving Holidays in the USA, our delivery schedule will be disrupted this week. The deadline for orders this week is 2pm on Tuesday 25th November. Orders for goods that are not in stock in the UK, received after 2pm, will be shipped on 8th/9th December.

Wiring Solutions

Multi-Port M12 Junction BlocksMulti-Port M12 Junction Blocks
ZIPport multi-port junction blocks provide a simple and effective way to organize machine wiring.
- 4-Port M12 Socket
- 6-Port M12 Socket
- 8-Port M12 Socket
- ZIPport Accessories

Cable AssembliesCable Assemblies
- Cables for AC Variable Speed Drives
- Operator Interface (HMI) cables
- Cables for LCD Industrial monitors
- Motion Control - cables
- ZipLink Connectors, Comms, Relay and Special DIN rail modules, with PLC cables.
- Profibus Connectors
- Cable for Sensor / Switches
- Cat5e Patch Cables

Cable TiesCable Ties
- General purpose cable ties - Lashing ties
- UV-resistant ties - Releasable/ reusable cable ties
- Mounting head ties - Identification tag ties
- Cable tie mounts - Cable tie tools (cable tie guns)

Control WireControl Wire
Available in sizes ranging from 0.82 - 21mm.sq, and in the most popular colours. Also now available across all wire types and sizes, is a blue/white stripe style commonly used in DC control wiring. Three insulation types for different industrial applications:
- MTW - used in control cabinets, machine tool applications and appliance wiring applications.
- TFFN - conductors are primarily used as fixture wire.
- THHN - building wire is intended for general purpose industrial applications.
Multiple wire sizes and colours are available.

Power CablesPower Cables

Type SJEOOW Flexible Cord - 300 Volt, 18 to 10 AWG
Type SEOOW Flexible Cord - 600 Volt, 18 to 10 AWG
Type W Flexible Cord - 2000 Volt, 8 AWG

Wire DuctWire Duct
- Rigid wire duct
- Dinosaur flexible wire duct
- Spare wire duct cover
- Wire duct accessories
- Flexible spiral wire wrap
- Braided sleeving

End ConnectorsEnd Connectors
- Insulated ferrules
- Crimping terminals
- Ferrule crimping tools
- Terminal crimping tools
- Screwdrivers
- Metal hole cutting tools (drill bits, hole punches, machine thread taps)
- Wire cutter/ wire stripping tool/ crimping dies

Flexible Liquid-Tight Electrical Tubing & ConnectorsFlexible Liquid-Tight Electrical Tubing & Connectors
I-Flex leak-proof, flexible conduit tubing for electrical wire protection. Can be used in extremely tight quarters, thanks to its flexibility.
Straight and Right-Angle Connectors for I-Flex Liquid-Tight Tubing. These straight and right angle (90) liquid-tight non-metallic connectors are made to fit our line of flexible liquid-tight PVC tubing.

Multi-Wire ConnectorsMulti-Wire Connectors
Multi-Wire connectors make it possible to easily connect signal, power, and data connections. These heavy-duty connectors provide a secure, simple and time-saving assembly of machinery and facilities.
- Available in 3A, 6B, 10B, 16B and 24B Sizes
- Heavy Duty Metal or Thermoplastic Housings
- Single and Double Locking Systems
- Screw Termination or Crimp Termination Inserts

Panel Interface ConnectorsPanel Interface Connectors
Industrial combined communications/power connectors allow interface to specific programmable devices without opening enclosure doors, powered at safe 110vAC voltages in a non-utility US style outlet.
- No Outlet / Communication Ports (DB9, RJ45 only)
- Single Outlet / Communication Ports
- Duplex Outlet / Communication Ports
- GFCI Duplex Outlet / Communication Ports

US Style ConnectorsUS Style Connectors
Bryant straight blade and locking - electrical plugs, wiring connectors, electrical receptacles
- Straight Blade Devices - electrical plugs, wiring connectors, electrical receptacles
- Locking Devices - lock twist plugs, locking connectors, locking receptacles
- Lockouts/ Tagouts - PLUGBOX devices
- Accessories - angle adapters, protective weather boots, stainless steel receptacle cover plates