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WindowsCE Controllers

The WinPLC offers you the advantages of a PC ... in a PLC!

The WinPLC provides a Windows® CE operating system environment in our DL205 CPU hardware. The small size and low cost of DL205 products is desirable, but the operating systems of the D2-230, 240, 250-1 and 260 CPUs are proprietary (like most PLCs).

WinPLC provides a hybrid PC-PLC solution that brings the best of the PLC and PC control worlds together.

A WinPLC system is the best solution if your applications require:

  • Complex math
  • Heavy serial communications (can use the H2-SERIO module)
  • Advanced data manipulation
  • Advanced handling of string or array data
  • Up to 64 PID loops
The WinPLC offers both deterministic control and PC connectivity. Control, data management, communication and integration with business systems are easy with the WinPLC's advanced software development tools.

Develop projects for the WinPLC with the free download of Think & Do version 8.0.4 or greater. No key is required to develop for or program the WinPLC.

For qualified OEMs or software developers, the WinPLC comes in a CE-only version for VB and C++ programmers to develop their own control code. If you are interested in the CE-only version, visit for details.

WinPLC - CPU'sWinPLC - CPU's
The WinPLC module plugs into the CPU slot of the DL205 PLC base. WinPLC uses Windows CE, a real-time operating system, with the advantages of PC software such as OPC, ActiveX and the other Microsoft communication tools.
  • Backplane communications to DL205 I/O
  • 100MHz processor speed
  • 8 Mb ROM/ 8 Mb RAM for memory-intensive applications
  • Microsoft Windows CE operating system
  • Supports MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP (slave only)

WinPLC - I/O basesWinPLC - I/O bases
Four Base sizes (3-slot, 4-slot, 6-slot and 9-slot) are available for local, local expansion, and remote I/O configurations, with choice of 110/230vAC or 12/24vDC power supply.

WinPLC - DC I/O modulesWinPLC - DC I/O modules
DC Inputs
8-16-32 point, 12-24 VDC, sink/source
DC Outputs
4-8-16-32 pt. 12-24 VDC, source and sink up to 4A per point.

WinPLC - AC I/O modulesWinPLC - AC I/O modules
AC Inputs
8-16 pt. 110 VAC, 8 pt. 220 VAC
AC Outputs
8-pt. 18-220 VAC, 12-pt. 18-110 VAC,
8-pt. 20-125 VAC, up to 1.5A per point.

WinPLC - AC/DC (Relay) I/O modulesWinPLC - AC/DC (Relay) I/O modules
AC/DC Relay Output 4-8-12 point up to 7A per point.
Combination I/O 4-pt. DC in, 4-pt. relay out

WinPLC - Analogue I/O modulesWinPLC - Analogue I/O modules
A wide range of analogue and temperature modules connect to almost any device including RTDs and thermocouples.

WinPLC - Serial I/OWinPLC - Serial I/O
The WinPLC has one built-in serial port. You can add as many as nine additional serial ports for Think & Do Studio or Think & Do Live! applications requiring multiple serial devices, such as barcode scanners. Connect to just about any serial device that communicates ASCII protocol. The H2-SERIO can also serve as a Modbus RTU slave.

WinPLC - Ethernet Remote I/OWinPLC - Ethernet Remote I/O
The Ethernet Remote Master H2-ERM(-F) connects WinPLC systems to slave I/O over a high-speed Ethernet link.

WinPLC - Motion Control and High Speed CountingWinPLC - Motion Control and High Speed Counting
The H2-CTRIO counter/motion control module (100kHz) is the affordable, high-performance, high-feature solution for counting input and pulse output.

WinPLC - Spare parts & AccessoriesWinPLC - Spare parts & Accessories
Everything needed to get and keep a WinPLC system up and running.
  • Screws, fuses, connectors
  • Filler modules, modules covers
  • Batteries, cable kits
  • Converters, adapters