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WinPLC - Serial I/O

H2-SERIO Serial Communications Module

  • Do you need serial communications ports in addition to the built-in serial port on the WinPLC?
  • Do you need to connect to multiple C-more, C-micro or other operator interface or display panels?
  • Would you like to connect devices such as barcode readers, weight scales or serial modems to your WinPLC system?

    If so, then select the H2-SERIO serial communications module. This module is used exclusively with the WinPLC. Up to nine additional serial ports can be added to a WinPLC system by using the H2-SERIO serial communication module.
    Protocols supported
    The H2-SERIO module supports serial ASCII communications and can also serve a MODBUS RTU slave.
    Up to ten serial ports
    The WinPLC has one built-in serial port. Each H2-SERIO module has three serial ports on board. Up to three H2-SERIO modules can be used per WinPLC system. Thats a total of ten serial ports that can be used in one WinPLC system to handle all of your serial communications needs.
    Separate communication parameters for each port
    Use Entivity ThinknDo software packages to set baud rate, parity, data bits, and stop bits for each serial port. Choose from 300 to 57,600 baud communication speeds. Entivity Studio or Think & Do Live allows each port to be designated as a MODBUS slave or a generic serial device. Each port on the H2SERIO module is capable of full hardware handshaking.
    NOTE: While the H2-SERIO module will support virtually any serial device, processing large amounts of serial data will increase the system response time. This is important to consider when using multiple H2-SERIO modules, especially in a WinPLC local base with an H2-ERM or H2-CTRIO module.

DL205 3 Port RS-232 Serial I/O module.H2-SERIO DL205 3 Port RS-232 Serial I/O module.

For PC control with the WinPLC or an EBC-based system connected to a PC. These additional serial ports will allow connection of a wide range of serial devices, such as barcode scanners, scales, printers, modems, etc. Module usage covered in H2-WPLC-M, ordered separately.

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Communications Accessories and Kits

 USB to RS232 (DB9) Adapter, 1.8m cable USB-RS232 USB to RS232 (DB9) Adapter, 1.8m cable
This quality USB to RS-232C serial adapter cable transparently connects serial devices to PC applications via a USB port. It is ideal for the user needing to connect to a serial port-based peripheral from a laptop PC with an available USB port, but no serial port.
The adapter driver creates a virtual serial port (using the next available COM number). Applications connect to the virtual COM port as if it were a standard serial port.

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Universal, isolated RS-232C to RS-422/RS-485 converter. Switch selectable for ANTE (Automatic Network Transmitter Enable) or RTS/CTS handshaking, works with all DirectLOGIC PLC families and virtually any serial device. Isolation reduces network data problems caused by noisy environments. Powered directly from the 5V pins on most DirectLOGIC CPU ports, from a PLC base 24 VDC power supply, or from an external power supply. Cables and connectors to most COM ports (RJ12, 9-pin D-shell female, 25-pin D-shell male) provided. Integral DIN rail clamp or can be panel mounted. Manual included with product.
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 RS232 to RS422/485 Converter, RJ12 port powered F2-UNICON RS232 to RS422/485 Converter, RJ12 port powered
The F2-UNICON Universal Converter is very similar to the FA-UNICON in features and purpose, but it has been specifically designed to be used with the DL05, DL06, and D2-240 CPUs. Like the FA-UNICON, the F2-UNICON also converts RS232C signal levels to RS422 signal levels or RS422 signal levels into RS232C signal levels. Converts RJ12 RS232C port to a DB25 male RS422 port. powered directly from the 5 V pins on most DirectLOGIC CPU ports. Includes 1 ft. cable with two RJ12 6P6C plugs, and DIN rail mounting kit. Includes manual with product. NOTE: The F2-UNICON provides no signal isolation, so it is not recommended for noisy industrial environments.
NOTE: The converter does not require an external 17 source for operation when used on the D2-240 bottom port or DL05 port 2.

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Note: Manuals do not come with our products unless specified in the description. Download manual from our web site at no charge, or order manual separately.

Note: Power budget limitations restrict the number of modules allowed in the slots of WinPLC bases. Please consult the power budgeting tables in your manual or catalogue for specific calculations. Calculate the power budget
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