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WinPLC - Programming software & cables

Think & Do Live! - a MicroSoft VISIO based Programming Language

Choose Studio! when you need:
1. to communicate to a SQL database
2. a superior HMI with animation and advanced Visio graphics
3. multiple developers on same projects or sharing flowcharts on many projects
Choose Live! when:
1) HMI requirements are moderate
2) No SQL is required
3) Projects are created by a single developer
4) Costs must be minimal
Easy connection to I/O and serial devices.
  • All I/O drivers are included, with virtually no limit on I/O tags including Ethernet, Profibus, DeviceNet and SDS
  • Built-in serial communication block within the flowchart environment allows easy communication to barcode readers, drives, and other smart devices
  • All motion drivers are included for both serial and PC-card based motion
Integrated motion and PID control with easy-to-use flowchart blocks.
  • Common flowchart languageAll motion parameters accessible to flowcharts and screens
  • Several motion drivers supported; check the Phoenix Contact Web site for the latest list
  • Easy to synchronize motion and control with your flowchart logic
  • 64 full function PID loops
  • Advanced PID functions like cascaded loops, bumpless transfer, anti-windup and wildflow variables allow you to perform complex process control applications

Simple I/O Configuration:

Programming in Flow-Chart:

For fast PC control and display:

Download DEMO Think&Do Software to Program WinPLC

 Think & Do v8.0 Keyless Development package for PC-based control, with USB Runtime key.PC-TD8-USB Think & Do v8.0 Keyless Development package for PC-based control, with USB Runtime key.

The non-keyed development environment also provides a free WinPLC programming pack. Features Flow Chart programming and integrated HMI creator, advanced data manipulation, data exchange with business applications (from ERP to spreadsheets), SQL database interface, OPC client and server included. Includes CD-ROM, USB hardware key and QuickStart guide. System requirements: Windows 2000, XP or Vista OS, Pentium IV, 256MB RAM, 750MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, Ethernet adapter, 64MB or higher video adapter and minimum 800x600 monitor resolution.
Download Think & Do Free Demo (PC-TD8-USB) - 225Mb

For enhanced product support, please consider ESS-BASIC or ESS-PREMIUM (Extended Service Support) 1 year subscription. ESS sold separately.

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DirectSOFT Programming cable for RJ12 portsD2-DSCBLDirectSOFT Programming cable for RJ12 ports
12 ft. (3.66m) RS-232 shielded PC programming cable for DirectLOGIC DL05, DL06, DL105, DL205, D3-350 and D4-450 CPUs, Do-more H2 series CPUs, and CLICK CPUs. 9-pin D-shell female connector to an RJ12 6P6C connector.
Data Sheet
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