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WinPLC - Motion Control and High Speed Counting

HS Counter & Motion Controller module (H2-CTRIO)

The H2-CTRIO module is used in motion control (pulse-profile & speed), and high speed positioning (counting) applications. It accepts 100KHz pulse/quadrature input signals from encoders and sensors, with discrete high speed outputs for direct monitoring, alarm, or control functions. It also has built-in high speed pulse profiles, such as Trapezoid, S-Curve, Symmetrical S-Curve and Home-Search, and can operate in various output modes such as Dynamic Positioning and Dynamic Velocity for a wide range of motion control applications. The CTRIO module has its own microprocessor and operates asynchronously with respect to the CPU. This means that on-board outputs respond in real time to incoming signals so there is no delay waiting for the WinPLC CPU to scan I/O. The CTRIO module is designed to work with incremental encoders or other field devices that send pulse outputs.

Typical Counter Applications:
  • High-speed cut to length operations using encoder input
  • Pick-and-place or indexing functions controlling a stepper drive
  • Dynamic registration for web material control
  • Accurate frequency counting for speed control with onboard scaling
  • Positioning (e.g. flying punch)
  • PLS - programmable limit switch functions for packaging, glueing or labeling
  • Stepper motor drive control
  • Accurate valve position control
  • Rate monitoring for speed and/or flow

    The CTRIO modules offer the following I/O features:
    • 8 DC sink/source 100 KHz inputs, 9-30 VDC, for 2 quadrature encoders up/down counters, or 4 single channel up counters, plus 4 high-speed discrete inputs for Reset, Inhibit or Capture
    • 4 isolated sink/source DC outputs, 5-30 VDC, 1 A per point, for 4 independently configurable high-speed discrete outputs, or 2 independant pulse and direction or cw/ccw channels for pulse train control (20 Hz - 25 KHz per channel)
    All scaling and configuration is done via CTRIO Workbench, a Windows software utility. This eliminates the need for ladder programming to set up the module. CTRIO Workbench runs under Windows 98/ 2000/ XP and NT 4.0 SP5 or later.

    Supported systems:
    Multiple H2-CTRIO modules can reside in the same base provided that the backplane power budget is adequate.
    DL205 WinPLC
    You can use the H2-CTRIO module with the DL205 WinPLCs (H2-WPLC3-EN). The module plugs into any I/O slot of any DirectLOGIC 205 base.
    PC-based control systems
    The CTRIO modules can be used in H2-EBC based I/O systems.
    ERM to EBC systems
    The H2-CTRIO modules are supported in the EBC slaves in H*-ERM systems. This includes the currently supported DL205 CPUs.

    MADE IN USA HS: 8537.10

High Speed Counter Interface Module H2-CTRIO High Speed Counter Interface Module

8 DC sink/source inputs 9-30 VDC, 4 isolated sink/source DC outputs, 5-30 VDC, 1A per point. Inputs supported: 2 quadrature encoder counters up to 100kHz, or 4 single-channel counters up to 100kHz, and 4 high-speed discrete inputs for Reset, Inhibit, or Capture. Outputs supported: 4 independently configurable high-speed discrete outputs or 2 channels pulse output control, 20Hz-25kHz per channel, pulse and direction or cw/ccw pulses.

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Note: Power budget limitations restrict the number of modules allowed in the slots of WinPLC bases. Please consult the power budgeting tables in your manual or catalogue for specific calculations. Calculate the power budget
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