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WinPLC - CPU's

WinPLC features

  • Fits into DL205 CPU slot
  • Backplane communications to DL205 I/O
  • 100 Mhz CPU
  • 8 Mb ROM/ 8 Mb RAM
  • Microsoft Windows CE operating system
  • 10 Mbps Ethernet port and RS232 serial port

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 WinPLC with Think&Do runtime 8MB RAM, 8MB ROMH2-WPLC3-EN WinPLC with Think&Do runtime 8MB RAM, 8MB ROM
100 MHz WinPLC processor module pre-loaded with Windows CE and Think & Do runtime software. Plugs into the CPU slot of any DL205 base. 8 Mbyte flash ROM, 8 Mbyte RAM, built-in Ethernet port, serial port. (Development must be done on an Think & Do Studio 7.2 or Think & Do Live 5.5 or later Development Package.
Stand-alone utility for earlier packages available for download on Web site.
Data Sheet
Price (Ex VAT): 711.96 / 896.86
(4-8 working day delivery)


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1. Installation/Operation manual for WinPLC. Order separately (Ref: H2-WPLC-M)

WinPLC Starter Kit (1 per customer max.) PC-WPLC-STARTWinPLC Starter Kit (1 per customer max.)
For building a PC-based control system with the WinPLC. Includes a DL205 4-slot base with power supply, H2-WPLC3-EN WinPLC, 10 ft. Ethernet connecting cable, PC Ethernet Adapter card, DL205 8-point input simulator module, and DL205 8-point relay output module. Develop flowchart programs for the WinPLC with the FREE PC-TD8-USB Think & Do Demo download, which operates as a fully functioning software with no restrictions or timed limitations when targeting the WinPLC. NOTE: WinPLC Starter Kit orders are limited to one per customer.
Data Sheet
Price (Ex VAT): 807.02 / 1,016.60
(Stocked in UK, 4-8 working days delivery if out of stock)


Installation/Operation manual for WinPLC. Order separately H2-WPLC-M Installation/Operation manual for WinPLC. Order separately

Link to download page
Price (Ex VAT): 17.17 / 21.63
(4-8 working day delivery)



If you are purchasing this product as part of a system with no DL205 CPU, and do not require a D2-USER-M manual, you should order or download the D2-INST-M manual, which covers installation and I/O specifications of DL205 base and I/O products.

Download Think & Do Free Demo (PC-TD8-USB) (download is ~225MB)