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Line Filters

Automation Power Line Filters (APF)

These powerline filters (APF Series) are high-performance surge filters designed to protect electronic loads from surges, transients and to provide a noise filter.
  • The APF power filters divert these disturbances away from the load with a low impedance path to ground.
  • This compact noise filter unit is ideal for programmable logic controllers (PLCs), industrial PCs, robotics, and other industrial automation equipment.
  • DIN rail mounting makes these EMI filters easy to install in a control cabinet or OEM application.
APF Series power filter/ noise filter features include:
  • 120 V or 230 VAC input voltage, single phase
  • One, three and five amp models
  • 50 Hz/ 60 Hz operation
  • Protection modes - L-N, L-G, N-G
  • Five-year product warranty

Three levels of protection:

1. Suppressors shunt high energy surges to ground
2. LC filter provides noise and voltage clamping
3. Bi-directional protection stops voltage surges and noise traveling upstream or downstream through the AP.

 Automation powerline filter, for use with 230VAC, 3A loadsAPF230L03 Automation powerline filter, for use with 230VAC, 3A loads

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