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PC Control

Sub Sections - DirectLOGIC PLC's:
DL05 | DL06 | DL205 & WinPLC | DL305 | DL405 | DL105

Why Use PC Control?

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) provide a great solution for many applications, but when your application goes beyond straight-forward ladder logic controlling simple I/O, PC control can be the smarter way to go.
  • When you have a PLC system that includes an HMI with motion control and/or a vision system, you not only spend time developing and debugging each system independently, you also have to spend significant effort integrating the separate controllers.
  • The result is often difficult to support. Even small changes require editing multiple databases and complex debugging. coprocessor modules for communications, complex math algorithms or string/array data manipulation adds even more difficulty

WindowsCE ControllersWindowsCE Controllers
The WinPLC is a truly unique Industrial solution providing Think&Do PC control programming benefits on a PLC-style device. PLCs were not typically designed for handling string or array data, complex math, or network collaboration with other software applications and intelligent devices. For success with these applications, use the WinPLC.

PC Control SoftwarePC Control Software
If your application requires:
  • Operator interface (HMI) as well as control
  • Advanced data manipulation (even string arrays) and advanced math functions
  • Data exchange with business applications (from spreadsheets to ERP systems)
  • One or more third-party PC cards, such as those for motion control or vision systems
  • Storage or access to large amounts of data
  • Large number of PID loops (up to 64)
  • Open architecture for C/C++ or VisualBasic
  • Online productivity tools to analyze and improve the performance of your process
  • ... it requires Think & Do PC control.

Industrial PC MonitorsIndustrial PC Monitors
Panel PCs and PC monitors - tried and tested Industrial PC systems and monitors, with high brightness TFT LCD touch-screens.