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Productivity3000® PAC Software & Cables

    The Productivity3000 programmable automation controller (PAC) is a compact controller that combines the features and capabilities of a PC-based control system with that of a typical programmable logic controller (PLC). The Productivity3000 offers you a more powerful control solution that is easier to use and more cost effective than any control solution in the market. ProductivitySuite is user-friendly programming software designed to allow quick and easy programming of ladder logic programs for the Productivity3000 PAC. The online help file provides information that will help you get acquainted with the software quickly.

  • User Defined Tag-based Programming
    Descriptive naming of I/O points and other internal tags that make sense for the application
  • Strong data typing to reduce obscurity
  • Arrays for process management (easier data management, recipe handling)

  • Simple to Use Instructions
    Practical instructions that help solve problems
  • No stack to manipulate
  • Easy math eliminates the need for using complex rungs to do simple calculations

  • Application Tools
    Allow quick access to many of the advanced features of the ProductivitySuite software
  • Setup Hardware Config, Security Accounts, Set PAC Time/Date
  • Write Program Tag Database, I/O Overview, Rung Comments
  • Monitor & Debug Data View, Data Logger, PID Tuning, Bit Histogram, PAC Error History, PAC Event History
  • Control PAC Offline, Online, Choose PAC, Transfer to PAC, Run, Stop, Debug

  • Task Management
    Task Manager allows quick and easy prioritization of Ladder Logic code. By breaking code into logical tasks, the task manager can then easily change priorities or disable parts of the code.
  • Run First Scan Only, Run Every Scan, Run Every Second, Run When Called, Disable Task

Application Instructions

Software Features

  • Contacts (5) NO, NC, NOE (NO Edge), NCE (NC Edge), CMP (Compare)
  • Coils (10) Out, Set, Reset, OR, Flasher, Debounce, Timed, Toggle, Program End, No Operation
  • Application functions (12) Alarm, Average, Change, Min/Max, Learn Alarm, Limit, Ramp, Ramp Generator, Scale (linear), Scale (nonlinear), Summation, Switch
  • Array functions (4) Array Statistics, Copy, Fill, Shift/Rotate
  • Counters/Timers (4) Simple Counter, Counter, Simple Timer, Timer
  • Communications (13) ASCII in, ASCII Out, Clear Serial Port Buffer, Custom Protocol In, Custom Protocol Out, GS Drive Read, GS Drives Write, Modbus Read, Modbus Write, Send Email, DataWorx Request
  • Data Handling (13) Absolute Encoder, Compare Values, Copy Data, FIFO/LIFO, First Bit On/Off, Inc/Dec, Logical Bits, Logical Words, Lookup Table, Pack Bits, Shift/Rotate Bits, Sign Magnitude, UnPack Bits
  • Drum sequencers (2) Drum, Sequencer
  • Math functions (2) Math Editor (MATH), Data Statistics
  • PID (2) PID Loop, Ramp/Soak
  • Program control (6) Call Task, For Loop, For Loop Break, Next Block, Stop Program, User Defined Fault
  • String functions (7) Compare Strings, Copy Character, Extract String, Find String, Pack String, UnPack String, String Length
  • System functions (2) LCD Page, Set PAC Time
  • Built-in database connectivity
  • Tag name based programming
  • Powerful task manager
  • Easy integration with C-more HMI
  • Auto-discover I/O modules
  • Auto-discover variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Documentation stored on CPU
  • Comprehensive HELP files
  • Plug and play USB programming
  • Ethernet programming
  • Nimble math instructions
  • Multi-level security options
  • Run-time edits
  • Application specific instructions

  • Productivity3000 programming and documentation softwareP3-PGMSW Productivity3000 programming and documentation software

    Productivity Suite, Windows PC programming and documentation software, programs the Productivity3000 PAC CPUs. 32-bit application, Windows 7, Windows XP (Pro or Home), Windows 2000, or Windows Vista (Home, Basic or Premium, 32-bit or 64-bit) recommended. Available for free download online.

    Productivity3000 Software - Download here


     Productivity3000 Hardware User ManualP3-USER-M Productivity3000 Hardware User Manual

    Free download online or order hard copy

    Link to download page

    Price (Ex VAT): 25.50 / 31.95
    (4-8 working day delivery)


    DataWorx PLC- Ethernet Data Collection Software

    Before DataWorx, it was necessary to purchase an OPC/ DDE server, write code or buy a Human Machine Interface (HMI) package to program, in order to collect data from our PACs/PLCs/WinPLCs. Now, the DataWorx data logger software makes it simple and cost effective to easily collect valuable process control data to enable you to make better business decisions.

    The DataWorx data logger software package easily connects your Ethernet-enabled Productivity3000 programmable automation controllers (PACs), DirectLOGIC programmable logic controllers (PLCs), or WinPLCs, to standalone PCs or network servers for simple data logging. Select either the DataWorx PLC Data Logger, the DataWorx WinPLC Data Logger, or the DataWorx Productivity3000 Data logger software based upon the device from which you are collecting data.

    The DataWorx P3K Server's primary function is to listen to devices and either record the data into a database or read from a database. DataWorx enables each device to directly perform database operations. Connect with any Microsoft Access, SQL or ODBC compatible server.

    Benefits of DataWorx Data Logging Software

    • Easy setup
    • No SCADA software required
    • Stores unlimited amounts of data
    • Can receive data from an unlimited number of DirectLOGIC PLCs, or Think & Do Studio or Think & Do Live! WinPLCs
    • DirectLOGIC PLCs, or Think & Do Studio or Think & Do Live! WinPLCs have complete control of storing the data
    • DataWorx PK3 Software connects any networked Productivity3000 PAC system to a supported database


    • Log valuable production data to networked PCs or file servers for Statistical Process Control decision making
    • Archive test data in a secure server file location with built-in date/ time stamping features to satisfy quality assurance or audit trail requirements
    • Use in data acquisition applications as source content for historical trending to be used by ERP or other higher level business system applications
    • Transferring, updating and retrieving data into or from a network database.

    DataWorx ServerDataWorx Monitor
    • The DataWorx data logging software packages include a Server application that runs as a Microsoft Windows service. Running as a service means the DataWorx program runs regardless if anyone is presently logged-in on the PC or not.

    • Another advantage of the Server running as a service is that the user does not need to manually start the logging every time the computer restarts. The application listens for information from the PAC/PLC/WinPLC and logs the data into a file configured from the Monitoring application.

    • The Server is capable of collecting an unlimited amount of data from an unlimited number of PACs/PLCs/WinPLCs.
    • The Monitor application included in the DataWorx package configures the Servers file creation cycle, and PAC/PLC/WinPLC listings. The Monitor also allows you to view or save the data files stored on the Server.

    • Data files can be opened and viewed in Notepad, Excel, or another chosen program. You may choose to create files on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. You can view the various reports that are stored on the server for each PLC/ WinPLC.

    • The Monitor application is able to conveniently run from any PC that is networked with the Server.

    Further details are available below:

    DataWorx P3K Database Connectivity Software Demo
    DataWorx P3K Online Manual
    DataWorx PLC Demo 
    DataWorx PLC Online Manual 
    DataWorx WinPLC Demo 
    DataWorx WinPLC Online Manual
    The above files each install as an unregistered demo version of the complete DataWorx software package. Demo functionality is limited to 30 minutes of data collection per session. Demo installations include full documentation and example PLC programs.
    DataWorx P3K Server software

    DataWorx P3K server software - one Productivity3000 PAC system.PC-DATP3K-1DataWorx P3K server software - one Productivity3000 PAC system.
    For Windows. Alows you to retrieve, add, delete and update data records in a standard database. Supports connection to a Microsoft Access, SQL Server or ODBC Servers. Includes software and manual on CD-ROM; 32-bit application, Windows 2000, Windows XP (Pro or Home) or Windows Vista (Home, Basic & Premium, 32-bit or 64-bit) recommended.
    Data Sheet
    Price (Ex VAT): 549.57 / 688.50
    (4-8 working day delivery)


    DataWorx P3K server software - unlimited Productivity3000 PAC systems.PC-DATP3K-UN DataWorx P3K server software - unlimited Productivity3000 PAC systems.

    Data Sheet
    Price (Ex VAT): 1,472.85 / 1,845.19
    (4-8 working day delivery)


    DataWorx P3K server software - upgrade single to unlimitedPC-DATP3K-UPG DataWorx P3K server software - upgrade single to unlimited

    Data Sheet
    Price (Ex VAT): 923.26 / 1,156.66
    (4-8 working day delivery)

    USB cables

    Standard USB 2.0 cable - 0.9mUSB-CBL-AB3Standard USB 2.0 cable - 0.9m
    With Standard-A plug to Standard-B plug, suitable for all USB devices
    Data Sheet
    Price (Ex VAT): 6.89 / 8.63
    (4-8 working day delivery)


    Standard USB 2.0 cable - 1.8mUSB-CBL-AB6 Standard USB 2.0 cable - 1.8m

    Data Sheet
    Price (Ex VAT): 8.68 / 10.87
    (4-8 working day delivery)


    Standard USB 2.0 cable - 3mUSB-CBL-AB10 Standard USB 2.0 cable - 3m

    Data Sheet
    Price (Ex VAT): 16.30 / 20.42
    (4-8 working day delivery)


    Standard USB 2.0 cable - 4.5mUSB-CBL-AB15 Standard USB 2.0 cable - 4.5m

    Data Sheet
    Price (Ex VAT): 20.34 / 25.48
    (4-8 working day delivery)