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Motor Failure Relays

ProSense™ Motor Control Relays

Quality motor monitoring, motor load protection, and motor control products

Phase Monitoring Relays for phase loss protection

Alternating Relays for motor load protection

Pump Seal Failure Relays for seal failure detection

  • Phase monitor relays provide protection against premature equipment failure caused by undervoltage or overvoltage faults on 3-Phase systems. All ProSense 3 phase monitor relays are designed to be compatible with typical Wye or Delta systems. Phase monitoring relays protect against single phasing regardless of any regenerative voltages. These monitor relays are also known as overvoltage relays, undervoltage relays, voltage monitoring relays, or phase loss relays used for phase monitoring and phase loss protection.

  • Alternating relays are used for motor load protection in special applications where the optimization of load usage is required by equalizing the run time of two loads. The alternating action for motor load control is initiated by a control switch, such as a float switch, manual switch, timing delay, pressure switch, or other isolated contact. Each time the initiating switch is opened, the output relay contacts will change state, thus alternating the two loads.

  • Pump seal failure relays are designed to monitor the shaft seals of submersible pumps. A resistive-measuring probe provided by the pump manufacturer is installed in the pump seal cavity. If the seal starts to leak, contaminating fluid enters the seal cavity, lowering the resistance between the internal probe and the common connection.

 ProSense Phase Monitoring RelaysPMR Series ProSense™ Phase Monitoring Relays

  • Universal voltage range of 208 to 480VAC, 3-phase systems
  • LED indicates both normal and fault conditions
  • Compact plug-in case utilizing industry standard 8-pin octal socket
  • 10A SPDT output contacts
  • provides protection against phase reversal, phase loss, phase unbalance, undervoltage, and overvoltage

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 ProSense Alternating RelaysAR Series ProSense™ Alternating Relays

  • For duplex loads
  • 10A SPDT & 10A DPDT cross-wired output configuration
  • 120 VAC Control voltage
  • Compact plug-in design utilizing industry-standard 8-pin octal socket
  • Low profile selector switch to lock in one sequence
  • 2 LEDs indicate load to energize next

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 ProSense Pump Seal Failure RelaysPSFR Series ProSense™ Pump Seal Failure Relays

  • Single or dual channel for monitoring one or two pumps
  • User-adjustable sensitivity setpoint for the relay (4.7K, 20K, 47K and 100K)
  • LED indication when the output relay energizes
  • The relay output can be used to give an alarm indication of a leaking pump seal
  • Automatic reset when the fault condition clears.
  • Uses industry-standard 8-pin octal sockets

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 Relay socket, works with all phase monitor relays, 600V rated, 8-pin octal configuration. 70169-D Relay socket, works with all phase monitor relays, 600V rated, 8-pin octal configuration.

Can be mounted on 35mm DIN rail or directly mounted to the panel.

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