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To all our valued customers - Please note that due to Thanksgiving Holidays in the USA, our delivery schedule will be disrupted this week. The deadline for orders this week is 2pm on Tuesday 25th November. Orders for goods that are not in stock in the UK, received after 2pm, will be shipped on 8th/9th December.

GS2 Series

GS2 Drive UnitsGS2 Drive Units
GS2 series - all of the features of our GS1 AC drives plus dynamic braking, PID and a removable keypad.
  • 0.18kw (0.25hp) to 0.75kw (1hp) 115 VAC single-phase
  • 0.37kw (0.5hp) to 5.5kw (7.5hp) 230 VAC
  • 0.75kw (1hp) to 7.5kw (10hp) 460 VAC
  • 0.75kw (1hp) to 7.5kw (10hp) 575 VAC

GS2 AC Line ReactorsGS2 AC Line Reactors
OPTIONAL Input and output line reactors for GS2 AC Mini Drives

GS2 Input Fuse Kits & Spare FusesGS2 Input Fuse Kits & Spare Fuses
Circuit protection devices are essential to prevent costly damage to your AC drive application equipment.
  • Fuses and fuse kits are available for GS2 AC drives.
  • Replacement fuses are also available.

GS2 Braking ResistorsGS2 Braking Resistors
Braking resistors are used to increase the control torque of the AC drive, for frequently repeated ON-OFF cycles of the AC drive, or for decelerating a load with large inertia.

GS2 EMI / RF FiltersGS2 EMI / RF Filters
  • Input EMI filters reduce electromagnetic interference or noise on the input side of the AC drive.
  • They are required for CE compliance and recommended for installations prone to or sensitive to electromagnetic interference.
  • RF filters reduce the radio frequency interference or noise on the input or output side of the inverter.

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