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Field I/O

Protos X I/OProtos X I/O
The Protos X compact, modular field I/O system allows a user to install remote field I/O devices without having to invest in another controller. The unique slim design and low cost of the Protos X I/O makes it the most practical distributed I/O available today. The ultra-slender form factor makes it easy to install on or near machine or application components, saving time and excess field wiring and speeding up troubleshooting.

PLC Base ControllersPLC Base Controllers
Use DirectLOGIC DL205 or DL405 bases and I/O with your Windows PC or WinCE embedded control systems.
10/100mb Ethernet via twisted-pair, or fibre-optic.
Profibus, DeviceNet, SDS (Honeywell) & DirectLOGIC Remote I/O.

Fieldbus I/OFieldbus I/O
The most practical distributed I/O system you can buy.
Terminator I/O provides you with an industrial I/O system with remote I/O, distributed I/O and digital I/O module capabilities, combining I/O points with their field terminations into a modular package to save panel space and money. With Terminator I/O, you can use distributed I/O nodes close to field devices for faster and more efficient wiring and troubleshooting.
Terminator I/O was custom-designed for AutomationDirect by Koyo (the same people who designed the original GE Series One PLC), a trusted name in control technology since 1983.
  • Network interface modules for Ethernet, Profibus, DeviceNET, MODBUS and Koyo remote I/O. - (some adapters include an on-board RS232 serial port)
  • Discrete and Analogue industrial I/O modules with modular terminal bases.
  • Configuration flexibility by plugging together a network interface module with up to 16 I/O modules. - (use local expansion for large I/O drops. No more confining I/O bases)
  • AC or DC power supplies. For high power systems, combine multiple supplies on a single I/O set.
  • Horizontal or vertical DIN rail mounting
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