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Workshop Programming & Documentation

Sub Sections - 2500 Series PLC:
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FasTrak SoftWorks’

A family of PLC programming and simulation software backed by more than 20 years of engineering expertise and thousands of installations worldwide.

These quality products are built in a fully functional 32-Bit Windows® environment, and our competitively priced software features NT Security that tells you who’s on your system, when they’re on, and what they’re doing. The software is very user-friendly, so that you can configure your systems quickly and easily, and it’s offered with timely and useful updates which are issued on a regular basis.

Products are supported by a team of fully-trained knowledgeable technical support representatives world-wide, who are backed by the engineers who develop the software. Our comprehensive structured support results in significantly less downtime for our customers.


FTVersionTrak¡Xdelivered with MS SQL Server 2005 Express¡Xworks by way of a repository file system, a central and secure location for files and folders stored in an SQL database. For data integrity, the source file stored in FTVersionTrakcannot be accessed directly. Rather FTVersionTrakcreates a copy whenever an authorized user retrieves it from the repository and places it in a working directory on the user¡¦s computer. Only one person may check it out at a time preventing changes from being made to multiple versions of the same file. When the file is checked back into the repository, FTVersionTrakstores the new version, along with all previous ones, keeping the original data intact and retrievable.P.O. Box 240065Milwaukee, WI 53224-9003262.238.8088Fax: 262.238.8080Web: info@fast-soft.comFTVersionTrak
FTVersionTrak protects your PLC programs
Securing the files essential to your manufacturing or business process safeguards them from unauthorized access, accidental deletion, or misplacement.

Siemens SIMATIC 505 / CTI-2500Siemens SIMATIC 505 / CTI-2500
Developed using progressive and open standards of engineering, our PLC Workshop programming software is designed for Siemens, Modicon, and SY/MAX® Square D. Using any one product allows for a comfortable transition to any of our other PLC WorkShop software, as each product is similar in appearance and functionality. In addition, PLC WorkShop software features built-in SCADA capabilities.

    PLC WorkShop for Windows:
  • Siemens Simatic TI 505 / Texas Instruments 505 / CTI 2500 series
  • Siemens S5 series (90U to 155U)
  • Modicon 32-bit (Quantum, Compact, TSX Compact, Momentum, 984, Micro, and 584)

    PLC WorkShop for DOS
  • PLC WorkShop for Modicon 884
  • PLC WorkShop for SY/MAX Square D

Siemens S5 - Performance SeriesSiemens S5 - Performance Series
PLC WorkShop for Windows:
Supports Siemens SIMATIC S5 Performance series PLC's, from 90U through 155U.

Modicon - 32 BitModicon - 32 Bit
PLC WorkShop for Windows:
Supports the entire line of Quantum™, Compact, TSX Compact, Momentum, 984™, Micro, and 584™ Modicon PLCs.

SY/MAX SquareDSY/MAX SquareD
PLC WorkShop for DOS, designed to work under Windows® 3.1, 95, 98, Millennium, NT, 2000, and XP.
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