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DirectLogic 305

DirectLOGIC 305 Programmable Logic Controller (DL305 PLC)

The DL305 PLC series is a small modular PLC that has been marketed by various name-brand PLC manufacturers for over 20 years.
This Koyo design revolutionized the small PLC market, and is still a good performer and a great value.
Over 3,000,000 Koyo 305 modules have been sold, which shows that these modules are extremely reliable and well-suited for many applications.
  • Three standard CPUs to choose from, including the D3-350 CPU with PID control and two communication ports
  • Specialty CPUs to convert a DL305 system into an RTU for Optomux, Pamux, or to allow BASIC programming for custom applications
  • Five, eight and 10-slot bases
  • 110/ 220 VAC or 24 VDC power supply
  • AC, DC inputs
  • AC, DC, and relay outputs
  • Eight or 12-bit analog input/output
  • Specialty modules such as ASCII/ BASIC module, high-speed counter, and communication interface module (for use with D3-330 and D3-340 CPUs)

NOTE: PID (Proportional, integral, derivative) control: Control algorithm that is used to closely control processes such as temperature, mixture, position, and velocity. The proportional portion takes care of the magnitude of the error. The derivative compensates for the rate of error change. The integral takes care of small errors over time.

The D3-350 CPU has a killer instruction set (compatible with the DL405, DL205, DL105, and DL05 PLC families) and some super practical communications.
The D3-350 CPU uses a simplified I/O addressing method, and can access up to twice as much local I/O as any other DL305 configuration (when installed in a system with -1 bases).

Features include:
  • Real-time calendar/ clock and historical error logging
  • Trigger events in logic or time-and-date stamp error conditions
  • Four super-easy PID loops with 'auto-tune' allow the CPU to automatically determine the near-optimum loop settings
  • Automatic loop scheduling reduces logic required to operate loops
  • Fill-in-the-blank chart for alarms and ramp/ soak
  • Programming software includes loop tune screen with trending
  • Two communication ports include built-in remote I/O master for long-distance I/O expansion

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DL305 Ladder Logic Programmed CPUsDL305 Ladder Logic Programmed CPUs
Two Legacy CPUs, plus the NEW D3-350 CPU with PID control and two comms ports.

DL305 I/O Base Controllers (OMUX)DL305 I/O Base Controllers (OMUX)
The DL305 series offers three base controllers, for applications such as computer-controlled I/O instead of the Opto 22 I/O system from Omron. Uses OMUX (serial) or PMUX (parallel) drivers.

DL305 Bases & ExpansionDL305 Bases & Expansion
Three Base sizes (5-slot, 8-slot, and 10-slot) are available for local, and local expansion configurations, with choice of 110/230vAC or 24vDC power supply.

DL305 AC / DC Input modulesDL305 AC / DC Input modules
DC Inputs
Universal AC/DC inputs 8 / 16 pt, 24 volt
8-16 point, 24 VDC, source.
16 point 1mS response, 5/12/24 VDC, sink/source
AC Inputs
8-16 pt. 110 VAC, 8 pt. 230 VAC

DL305 AC / DC Solid-State Output modulesDL305 AC / DC Solid-State Output modules
DC Outputs
4-8-16 point, 5-24 VDC, source and sink up to 2A.
AC Outputs
4-8-16 pt. 15-230 VAC, up to 1A per point.

DL305 Relay Output modulesDL305 Relay Output modules
Relay Output 8 / 16 point up to 10A per point.

DL305 Analogue I/O option modulesDL305 Analogue I/O option modules
4-ch, 8-ch and 16-ch Analogue input.
4-ch isolated Analogue output
8-ch type J and K thermocouple sensor input

DL305 Communications & NetworkingDL305 Communications & Networking
The DL305 PLC family offers several connectivity options.

DL305 Optional Program MemoryDL305 Optional Program Memory
  • D3-330 RAM chips
  • Optional D3-340 CPU EEPROM chips
  • Optional DL330/DL340 UVPROM chips

Programming software & cablesProgramming software & cables
The new DirectSOFT5 software package offers a host of advanced features for easier PLC programming.
  • Full-featured 32-bit Windows-certified programming for all DirectLOGIC PLCs
  • ALL NEW IBox instructions
  • FREE version allows a maximum of 100 words for programming, editing, and downloading

DL305 PLC ZipLinksDL305 PLC ZipLinks
  • ZIPLinks eliminate the tedious process of wiring programmable logic controller I/O to terminal blocks
  • ZIPLinks use half the space, at a fraction of the total cost of terminal blocks
  • ZIPLinks are available for all PLC base units and all discrete input and output modules

DL305 Spare parts & AccessoriesDL305 Spare parts & Accessories
  • Screws, fuses, connectors
  • Filler modules, modules covers
  • Batteries, cable kits
  • Converters, adapters
  • AutoCAD Compatible Schematic Software
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