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DL205 Speciality modules

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Does your industrial control application require more than simple I/O control or monitoring?

Check out one of our specialty modules to solve your process management challenges.  

The DirectLOGIC 205 product line offers specialty modules for many different types of applications. When your application calls for more than simple I/O control or monitoring, check out one of the specialty modules below.

Stepper and Servo Control

dl05_super_powerful.pdf (707KB)
Counter/Pulse Applications


Triple-port BASIC CoProcessorTriple-port BASIC CoProcessor
The BASIC CoProcessor Module interfaces the DL205 family of programmable controllers with bar code readers, operator interface terminals, instrumentation equipment, computers and other serial devices.

High Speed Counter / Pulse Profile Motion ControllerHigh Speed Counter / Pulse Profile Motion Controller
The High Speed Counter module is used in motion control (pulse-profile & speed), and high speed (100KHz) counting and positioning applications.

Counter Interface ModuleCounter Interface Module
The Counter Interface module is used in 5KHz counting applications, fast interrupt to 0.1mS, and pulse-profiling with separate acceleration and deceleration profiles for positioning and velocity control.

DL205 Field I/O base controllersDL205 Field I/O base controllers
Use DL205 bases and I/O with your Windows PC or WinCE embedded control systems. 10/100mb Ethernet via twisted-pair, or fibre-optic. Profibus, DeviceNet, SDS (Honeywell) & DirectLOGIC Remote I/O.

Serial Communications ModuleSerial Communications Module
Add extra serial communications ports, in addition to the built-in serial port, to <b>WinPLC</b> systems. Thus allowing you to connect to multiple operator interface or display panels, barcode readers, weight scales or serial modems.

F2-08SIM 8 point Input SimulatorF2-08SIM 8 point Input Simulator
Replace 8-point modules temporarily when fault finding, or use during program development.
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