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Finally! – Use APT® over Ethernet using Windows and CTI 2500 SeriesTM Processors or 2572-A

Application Productivity Tool (APT®) is the system of choice for development and operation of many process control applications using CTI 2500 SeriesTM or Simatic® 505. However, as a legacy DOS application, APT® has always been limited to connecting to the PLC using a serial
port. With APTnet you can now use APT® to communicate with any CTI 2500 SeriesTM or Simatic® 505 system in your plant using Ethernet and the CTI 2572-A.

APT® users have historically been limited to programming serially using the PLC programming
port. Besides the inconvenience, this method involves very long download times on the large programs that are typical of APT®systems.
Now, using our APTnet package and the CTI 2572-A Fast Ethernet Module or a 2500 SeriesTM processor, you can program the PLC using APT® and any standard NIC supported by Windows. And there's no complicated setup! Because of the advanced capabilities of APTnet and the 2572-A, downloads of large programs are dramatically faster.
In a benchmark test, APTnet downloaded a program in 4 minutes vs 40 minutes using a serial download. Actual speed differences will vary depending on program size, PC performance, and network loading.

 APTnet - Single UserCTI-3102 APTnet - Single User

With APTnet you can now use APT® to communicate with any Simatic® 505 system in your plant using Ethernet and the CTI 2572-A. (Ref: CTI-3102)

  • Connect to any PLC using its IP address
  • Communicate at much higher speeds than possible with serial connections
  • Use any standard PC Ethernet card (no longer requires CP1413 / 1416)
  • Perform any operation that was possibly serially, including program upload and download
  • Eliminate compatibility and performance problems when using APT serially with a new laptop and WIN200 or WINXP

(5-10 working day delivery)


 APTnet - 5 UserCTI-3102-VVP5 APTnet - 5 User

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 3M Processor Object for 2500-C400 and APTCTI-3110 3M Processor Object for 2500-C400 and APT®

The 3110 is a programming object for APT® which allows use of the greatly expanded memory capabilities of the CTI 2500-C400 processor. Using this object, APT® programs can be compiled up to the 3Mbyte limit of the processor.

  • Object files install into existing APT folders
  • Eliminate the 1856Kbyte limit previously imposed on APT programs
  • Compile programs up to 3Mbytes in size
  • Allows support and expansion of existing APT installations

Data sheet

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OPC and DDE Servers

 Ethernet DDE Server for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 (Single User License)CTI-2572-DDS2 Ethernet DDE Server for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 (Single User License)

The 2572-DDS2 DDE Server is a Microsoft Windows compatible program that allows DDE client applications to access data stored in 2500 Series™ PLCs. The server communicates via TCP/IP to a 2572 or 2572-A TCP/IP Ethernet Adapter module installed in the PLC rack.

  • Communicates with multiple 2572, 2572-A, 2572-AF or 2500-Cxxx series controllers
  • Supports multiple topics per module
  • Communicates with multiple network workstations via Wonderware's NetDDE
  • Supports high-speed "Fast DDE" when used with Wonderware InTouch
  • Interfaces with multiple DDE clients and coexists with other DDE servers
* How to keep the 2572-DDS2 from starting as a service
* Download Evaluation Copy

Data Sheet

(5-10 working day delivery)