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To all our valued customers - Last order date will be Thursday 18th 2:30pm for delivery to us Monday 22nd (No guarantee). So we advise to order by Thursday 11th 2:30pm for delivery on Monday 15th to guarantee in stock items will be here before the Xmas break

Selectors / Keyswitches

Non-Illuminated Selector SwitchesNon-Illuminated Selector Switches
GCX1300 Series: - Two and three-position in maintained and spring return
Non-illuminated and illuminated models, Knob and lever versions
Two-position models available with one N.O. contact
Three-position models available with two N.O. and two N.C. contacts

Illuminated Selector SwitchesIlluminated Selector Switches
GCX1200 Metal Bodied and GCX3200 Plastic Bodied Series:
24V AC/DC and 120V AC/DC bulb or L:ED
Two-position models with one N.O. contact
Three-position models with two N.O. and two N.C. contacts
Maintained and spring return
Available in five colours: red, green, yellow, blue, clear

Key operated switchesKey operated switches
GCX1400 Series: - Two and three-position
Maintained and spring return
Contact blocks included
Replacement keys available